Trials of a New Blogger

I’m new to this blogging stuff. You can probably tell, can’t you?

I posted my first blog just a couple days ago, and it didn’t go well. I mean, the text was there, and all, but it sure as heck didn’t look pretty. All the formatting had disappeared, and it looked kind of like one long, and I do mean long, page of letters. Who would want to read that?

So I researched.

Yeah, that.

I’m not a tech-y person, nor do I want to be. I just want to type and be blissfully unaware of what’s lurking inside my little piece of hardware. But that won’t work if I’m going to make a go of this writing gig, so here goes.

It turns out I have to write in Markdown. What? What the heck is that?

Well, it’s what you can use to make your writing look pretty, as opposed to a really, really long list of letters on a page.

As an example, I bet you would never guess that when I originally typed this, I had italicized that “what” up there.

Mhmm. Really, I did. I’m not joking.

Many of you are probably smarter than I am and realize that formatting is lost when you take it from one platform to another. Something about html and RTF and plain text.

I hate that. I don’t want to deal with it. It should just work, right?


So I’m gonna try this and post it without going back to fix it. Just testing the waters, so to speak. Fun stuff ahead, I’m sure.

Five minutes later

Yeah, another problem. I just tried to lurk through the online cheat sheets to look at the cod I needed to use, because, of course I don’t remember it. Is it asterisks maybe? I don’t know. I guess we’ll just try it and see what kind of wonky stuff we come up with.
So, I’ve indented this with three hits of the tab button. I don’t know if it’ll stick. I’m going to attempt italics here, with single asterisks before and after my word. If all goes well, it will be italicized. Or it may be bolded, because I don’t remember which is which. Or maybe it’s not even supposed to be asterisks, so who knows what will happen? Word

Two tab hits. Double asterisks, which I believe should bold it, if I remember correctly. We shall see. Word
Since my Internet went down and I have no way of testing this at the moment, I’m completely bummed. I was all gung ho to get this going, but apparently I’ll have to wait. It’s this kind of BS that makes things—fun.
Five more minutes pass
So while I’m sitting her twiddling my thumbs, waiting for the Internet to come back to life, I’ll gripe about the other thing that happened this week—my first week of blogging, therefore my first week of being able to gripe.

My designer disappeared. Her email is dead, and I can’t contact her. I assume she’s no longer doing it.


She designed the cover to my first novel almost a year ago, when I ridiculously thought I was ready to publish. (Whew, thank goodness I came to my senses!) I really like her work, but I have a whole entire series planned. Like, I don’t know, five or six books, before it’s all said and done. We had discussed keeping the look similar, which she has the files to.

So now I have to look for someone else. There are a lot of great designers out there, so I’m sure it will be fine, but dang. I really liked her.

I hope everything’s fine with her, wherever she is.
Another five minutes
Just checked, and the Internet’s back up! Here we go. I’m gonna copy and paste this into my blog site and see what happens. I’ll be publishing non-edited work, simply to see what happens. Sorry if it’s too messy. At least it has the potential for a laugh or two, right?

And with this in mind, I have decided to post it to a brand new category. I’m going to keep track of my writing journey, even though it’s already almost two years old. I’ve learned a lot, but holy guacamole, I have a whole lot more to learn. This will be my weekly journal.

Here we go.


  1. You’re doing great! Looking forward to more updates in the future.

    Also, I’m sorry to hear you lost your designer, that’s frustrating, especially since you liked her and had been planning the series’ covers with her before she vanished. 🙁 Not sure what sort of designs you’re looking for, but I had Augment’s cover designed by Louis at Indigo Forest Designs (he’s a fellow Scribophile, and gives Scribophiles a discount.) Site’s here: He does a variety of different styles. I love his work and definitely recommend him.

  2. Formatting can be such a pain. I use Word and I post to the Internet often enough to know that formatting rarely stays the same. I get this frustration.

  3. Thank you! I knew there was someone from Scrib who designed, but couldn’t remember whom. (I’m sure there are several, actually.) I followed the link and the work looks great. I’ll definitely keep this in mind!

  4. Thank you for sharing the pitfalls and learnings. Keep up the great efforts! We are in this together!

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