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I’m really excited to share with you an interview I did with a good friend of mine. Actually, not only is D. de Carvalho a good friend, but so is the other guy, Francisco Cordoba whom he speaks of. D is a wonderful and good-hearted person, has a personality larger than life, and is a very talented writer. His stories are steamy and spicy, for sure, but they’re also tainted with plenty of emotion and sweetness. I devour everything of his that I can get my hands on.

So, here you are with a bit of my discussion with D. de Carvalho.

  When did you decide to become a writer?

About a year ago. Actually, my great friend Francisco Cordoba suggested it to me. We were chatting about his Horsemen of Golegã series, and I was helping him sex up some of his erotic scenes. I tried to put in a BDSM scene, which he felt was totally inappropriate for his characters. I pushed the issue. We argued. I may have called him a pantywaist. That led to more argument and a few insults I won’t repeat here. By the time the dust settled, he’d challenged me to, “Write your own damn porn and stop messing with quality”.

Obviously, I couldn’t let him get away with that.

The funny part is that he’s been writing for years and had already put in twelve months on The Horsemen of Golegã. It’s now twelve months since he challenged me, and he still isn’t published. But I am.

Hah! Suck on that Cordoba.

(I’m (Renee) laughing my butt off at this point. Told you D is a handful.)

  What drew you to write humorous erotica?

I love sex. (Yes, he does. He talks about it all the time. 😛) I love weirdness and anything a little off the wall. Everyone likes to laugh sometimes. Combining these concepts thrust me towards the idea of #KozyKink, and Hot Pink throbbed into being with a screaming orgasm. It was a completely organic transition from my real life interests to the Hot Pink world.

  Can you give us an insight into the main characters in your published stories. What makes them special?

In Hot Pink Heels, the main character is Johnny – a mild-mannered shoe-salesman with a huge talent for fitting large appendages into small spaces. His nemesis/sometime sidekick is Ug, the not-so-little caveman in his pants.

The main character in Hot Pink Dragon is Pinkie – the little shifter that could. Five lives are altered forever when Pinkie comes to town.

What are you currently working on and what is it about?

Currently, I’m working on two new stories.

Hot Pink Dick is a humorous erotic mystery. When the prized Crystal Dildo—the jewel encrusted phallus belonging to Howie Huffner—entrepreneur and CEO of the infamous Kitten Klub—goes missing, retired Detective Richard Clitoris, now Private Eye Dick Clit, is hot on the trail interviewing all and sundry in his own inimitable and intimate style.

Hot Pink Links is a humorous erotic romance. When Megan convinces Christie to celebrate her new single status with the Complete Hot Pink Package of lessons at the local golf club, golf pro Ace and Wood the caddie take turns as teachers, and the ladies learn that addressing the balls satisfactorily is all in how you swing.

What would you say are the main advantages and disadvantages of self-publishing against being published or the other way around?

Control is the main advantage for me. I make my covers, I write my stories, I edit my stories or work with a buddy of mine to edit them, I publish, market and promote. It’s all about me, and I can reap more rewards for my efforts than if I published traditionally. I’m also a grumpy old fart and if I sat around waiting for a traditional contract, I’d likely be dead before I saw a book for sale in any form.

The main disadvantage is the work. In some ways, it would be great to just hand a draft over to someone and say, “Let me know when it’s published.” But then again, that’s a bit like handing your lover over to someone else and saying, “Let me know when she’s pregnant.”

What are your ambitions for your writing career?

I want to introduce people to the world of Hot Pink and the concept of #KozyKink. In the Hot Pink world, sex is sometimes silly, sometimes fun, sometimes romantic, sometimes just a damn good time. Dark encounters and brushes with BDSM can and will occur. Shifters and other paranormal beings will show their steamy sides. Aliens and other peculiar denizens may sometimes be bouncing on the beds. Inanimate objects may take on a life of their own.

The main point of Hot Pink is to have fun, tell a good story, and explore the lighter side of weirdness. Basically, anything goes when it’s hot and pink.

By the time I’m done, I want to see an army of Hot Pink titles dancing, writhing, shimmying, and groaning their way from my fingers into readers’ hearts and between their legs.

I want to turn you on and make you read one-handed while a huge grin spreads across your face.


And there you have it. D. de Carvalho.

I’ll admit I screwed up on timing of this post. de Carvalho was just featured on a blog takeover, and I missed inviting you all to it, but you can go check out the shenanigans at Facebook/opheliadragons.

You can find D de Carvalho at the following locations:


Twitter: @hotpinkcarvalho


Hot Pink Heels is available from Amazon

Hot Pink Dragon is available from Amazon

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de Carvalho Bio

A native of far-flung locations, and a grade A student of life, Carvalho developed his passion for fine foods and erotic encounters at a young age. He is proud to be a practicing member of the BDSM community, as well as a self-confessed and widely acknowledged grumpy old man.

In his Hot Pink series, D. de Carvalho serves up a smorgasbord of hot ‘n spicy erotic tales with no holds barred. Whether you savor sweet romance or crave the delicious tang of dark desire, Carvalho caters with tales to tempt every taste. Each sexy story arrives with a side order of humor sprinkled with romance, suspense, paranormal, or mystery.

“I like to explore the lighter side of weird shit.” – D. de Carvalho

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