Author Interview with Imogen Keeper

I’m very excited to share with you a little chat I had with a dear friend of mine. Actually, it’s weird for me to call this an author interview because of how close we are, but I’m gonna call it that anyway.

I’ve been working closely with Immy for…I don’t know, a long time now. Long before either of us published. It’s so fun to be on this journey with her. Immy is so very talented, has an incredible knack for detail and description, and builds an exciting world in her stories. I love reading her work.

I could go on and on, but I won’t. You can check her out yourself if you want at her website, Facebook, or Twitter. She’d love to see you. So, without carrying on any further, here’s our Q and A session:

1) Why do you write in your genre?
Hmmm…. Why do I write steamy romances (heavy on the steamy)? I guess… it just happened. When I first started writing I had the idea in mind of a sleeping beauty. Only, I wanted to know what happened after the prince kissed her and woke her up. It seemed like that story ended way too soon. It just sort of came to life around this image of a man in space finding a women who’d been in cryo-freeze. I didn’t plan to write scifi. That happened on it’s own. Then, I added some steam because I thought it would be easier to make a name for myself in erotica. That was a deliberate choice born of lack of confidence.
2) What is the single biggest struggle you’ve had in your writing?
Dealing with myself. Self-doubt. Laziness. Lack of motivation. Inability to focus. Self-doubt. Laziness. Motivation. Focus. Rinse. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat.
I am my own worst enemy. Being my own boss is incredibly difficult. If left to my own devices, I’d probably start a new book every month and stop writing after chapter five and hop on to something else. I’d convinced myself I’m terrible and never finish a thing. The only solution I’ve found for it is to be entirely intolerant of my own foibles. In order to write, I have to bribe, punish, bully and berate myself on a daily basis. Chocolate provides strong incentive.
3) What’s the easiest part of writing for you?
The beginning. The first chapter is the most fun for me. I love it. I discover as I write what’s going on. I get to know the characters. They reveal themselves to me slowly and the world unfolds around them, full of excitement and mystery. That’s magic. If I could start a new book every month, I’d be a happy writer, but I’d also never finish anything. So I wouldn’t be a writer, I’d just be a person who writes sometimes.
4) Who’s your favorite character in your work?
That’s such a hard question. It really is. I love them all. I think for men, the first MC I ever created. I have a soft spot for him. He had a potty mouth and he made so many mistakes, but he just wanted to do the right thing. He was a sweetheart deep down. I love him.
For the women, I think the one I’m working on at any given time. I have to really get into their heads, so I get very invested in them while I’m writing. I love Klymeni, from my third novel. She’s naïve at the beginning for sure, but she grows up a lot. Not everyone would call her strong, but she’s got a serious backbone and a strong set of morals.
5) How do you write?
Mostly sitting in my family room on the sectional with my laptop in my lap. I have a desk, but I never seem to get to it. If I had the ability, I’d have uninterrupted writing time. Even two solid hours a day with no one to bother me and I think I could be tremendously productive. But that never happens. I have a 2 year old and a 4 month old. Someone needs me constantly. Some day, I’ll have my own office with a big cozy chair and a great big door. But for now, I write when I can.

Immy currently has two novels published and is feverishly working on…I don’t even know how many more. Three that I know of, but knowing her, there are more. Two of those that she’s currently working on are a part of the series that’s already out, although all of her novels can be read as standalones.

Both of these books are available at Amazon.

Here’s Immy’s bio:

Hi! Call me Immy!
I’ve got a stupid-rampant imagination for all things silly, sexy and sordid. It’s hard to keep it all in, so I write down my day-dreams and my night-dreams into the form of big alpha heroes and the ladies who love them.

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