Renee Grace Thompson is blessed with a loving husband and four beautiful, healthy kids who are growing up too fast. They live on a farm in the Midwest where Dad and the three boys do all the manual labor while Mom drives the darling daughter around to her never-ending dance classes.

Renee spent twenty years working as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, but officially left the profession a few years ago during the economic crisis. At that time, she once again picked up her childhood love of reading and hasn’t put her kindle down since.

Until she started writing her own stories, that is. She’s always had little stories floating around in her head that lasted for months at a time, so on a whim, she decided she may as well put them down on paper (read word processor.)

The Assumptions Series will more than likely end up with seven or eight books. Each title will be a stand-alone, but the series is based on a tight-knit group of friends and family. It would definitely be the most fun to start with book one to watch the stories and characters evolve.

Aside from The Assumptions Series, Renee has another book in the works also, which very well may end up as a series of its own.