Works in Progress

I have so many projects going on for 2017 and I can’t wait to share them!

There will be a series of fun and sexy short stories published every couple months that will make up New Haven Police Department.

Several other short stories, some in anthologies, others as my own.

And then…my Baby. The novel I’ve been working on for the past couple of years. I absolutely love my novels. There will be several books, all able to be read as standalones, but I guarantee you’ll want to read them all. I absolutely adore the characters. Strong women, strong men. But of course they’re all broken in their own ways, otherwise there would be no story. 😛 And to make matters worse, the male and female main characters make absurd assumptions of one another when they first meet. Thus, the name of the series: The Assumptions Series.

Blake and Anna’s story, Claim Me, is coming up first, sometime this summer. Blake’s best friend, Ryan, will be next in Save Me. Hopefully late fall/early winter.

Delicious men and beautiful women, all making up steamy chemistry and hot lovin’. What else could you ask for? I get dreamy just thinking about them.

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