April Showers Bring May Flowers

This will be the second book in the New Haven Police Series. All the same characters from Luck o’ the (non)Irish will be back, but this time the female main character will be Lucy, and the male will be Cade. You haven’t met Cade yet, but he’s a great guy. He doesn’t take any crap, which Lucy dishes out by the bucketfuls.

I’d hoped to have this out in April, but early May at the latest. Well, now I’m just hoping to get it out in May. 🙁

Here’s an excerpt:

He lunged forward and grabbed her by the waist, threw her over his shoulder, and stalked toward the door. “I don’t have time for your silly games, sweetheart. You’re coming with me whether you want to or not.”

“Put me down!” She pounded on his back, but he made it out the door easily, pulling it shut and walking off the porch toward his truck. “Mister Coach Cade Murphy, you’re under arrest.”

“For what?”

“Assaulting an officer. Kidnapping. Breaking and entering. Trespassing.” She punched at his kidneys. “I could go on and on,” she huffed, “but I think you get the idea.”

“You would be the laughing stock of New Haven if you arrest me, Lucy.” He opened the driver’s side door and shoved her inside. Probably a good idea, she thought, because had he thrown her in the passenger side, she would have just jumped right back out as soon as he left the door.

“I’ll be a hero once everyone knows what a ruthless, horrible beast you are.”

Sliding in next to her and pushing her away, he laughed mockingly. “Everyone in this town knows me. Their impression of me is far different from yours.”

“This is gonna make national headlines. I can see it now.” She held her hand out in front of her, sliding it from left to right. “Biggest scandal of the decade. police chief’s gorilla-sized son arrested by pint-sized female officer.”

He shook his head and started the truck. “No one will ever know about it if I kill you and throw you in the river.”

“Ha!” She scrambled to her knees and poked his chest. “Now you’re threatening me.”

He grabbed her finger and guided her arm away from him as he backed out of the driveway. “Put your seatbelt on. It’s the law.”

She settled in her seat and buckled up. “Where are we going?”

“To the river.”